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Pillowcase handmade from 100% Italian crushed linen are a core product of the bed linen collection. Available in a myriad colors, layer up linen pillowcase tonally or contrast punchy bright for bed scaping at its most creative.

Sold individually.

Although every effort is made to ensure a uniform color for each individual product, this cannot be guaranteed and some differences in color are possible.

Sizes of products may vary due to the unique results created by the hand finishing techniques, the cut of fabric, the dynamic nature of the linen, and the care of the linen post washing.


For best results, wash at 30 degrees, using gentle detergents, containing no bleach. Please wash matching colors together to maintain a uniform appearance. For softer linen, tumble-drying is recommended at low temperatures. Do not overload the dryer and to avoid creasing, remove the linen as soon as it has finished drying.

Our crushed linen does not need ironing, however, if you wish to iron, the linen should be slightly damp for best results. Steaming however is suitable for our products.

Pillowcases Sold Individually

King 20" X 40" ($60.00)
Standard 20" X 30" ($58.00)
Square 25" X 25" ($72.00)
Cushion 13" x 21" ($34.00)
Eurosham 26" X 25" ($76.00)

Important Note:
-2 to 4 weeks in lead time for orders.
-$250 minimum ordered required
-Pricing includes shipping


‘’Bloom’’ printed linen cushion case and small bed cover.

The sight of Bloom evokes the splendor of Spring when new life is awakening from winter and nature flourishes to a bounty of florals and fauna. Unfolding like the wings of a butterfly just emerged from its cocoon. It is about the petals of fruit trees and hawthorns unfurling, the impulse of vitality, of youth, of life that blossoms in the cool April sunshine. In this range of printed linen our artists hand draws on the cherry blossom, four-leafed clovers and twig motif in a watercolor palette to enhance the three core colors of Pink Beige, eucalyptus green and gold to enhance the shadows of the core motif. The possibilities are endless with the linen quilt and pillows and create a lovely story used with our Nouvelle Vague and Teo sateen’s


’Bloom’’ printed linen on both sides, natural piping, zip fastening.


Made in France

Important Note:

4 to 6 weeks in lead time for orders.

*$250 Minimum Ordered Required
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