About Us

Our founder has a passion for luxury European home furnishings. She is Italian and has a love for design and furniture. It is all about the ambience and the beauty. She grew with the culture of art, music, and design. As an adult her best friend was a very successful interior designer and kept her love and passion alive for design. She is one of those people that when she is visiting your house and you leave the room you can expect your furniture to be rearranged when you re-enter. She has always been able to look at a space and see the style and character, as every space should have its own personality and individuality. That is the beauty of design.

French-Italian Home Furnishings is Born.

French-Italian Home Furnishings is an online retail boutique importing furniture from France, Italy and Portugal that is unique and has a style that everyone will want in their home. We believe everyone understands the concept of furniture and textiles from France and Italy, but why Portugal? Portugal has a unique touch with French and Italian inspired. This is because of the introduction of French manners and customs in Portugal during the tenth and eleventh centuries when the French immigrated to Portugal. Italians migrated and gradually assimilated into the Angolan Portuguese community. The first diaspora began around 1880, two decades after the Unification of Italy had ended. In the 1920s to early-1940s with the rise of Fascism in Italy and other issues such as poverty especially in the southern regions of Italy, this migration started creating the Italian influence.

The concept for French Italian is simply this, when you look at modern and contemporary furniture from Italy and France today it is very similar, and when you look at traditional and old world in French and Italian it too is very similar today. We wanted to bring Italy and France, and everything inspired, into the American home that exudes a style of elegance and simplicity. French Italian will be selling to the public as well as working with interior designers. What you see and buy online is what you can expect to get. We want our customers to have an incredible experience when purchasing from French Italian. This starting from the items that they choose – while shopping online, right down to the delivery into their home. A white glove experience if you will. French Italian strategy in marketing is created from the unique collections we will be selling to our customers and designers. We wanted these collections to be specific and unique in modern and contemporary and in traditional and old world as well.