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Italian Hand Towel, Heavy Linen (Set of Five)

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$75.60 USD
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$75.60 USD

These Hand Towels are made from the finest quality linen and available in seasonal as well as classic colors, add a dose of chic to any washbasin. Celebrate every day with products that are as stylish as they are practical.

Our linen towels made in our signature crushed handmade linen come in a variety of rich and soothing colors, adding a touch of elegance and livens up the color scape of any bathroom.

The linen is easy to care for and does not require any ironing.

Although every effort is made to ensure a uniform color for each individual product, this cannot be guaranteed and some differences in color are possible.

Sizes of products may vary due to the unique results created by the hand finishing techniques, the cut of fabric, the dynamic nature of the linen, and the care of the linen post washing. Sold as a pack of five in a set.

*250.00 minimum order of combined items required. Shipping Included

For best results, wash at 30 degrees, using gentle detergents, containing no bleach. Please wash matching colors together to maintain a uniform appearance. For softer linen, tumble-drying is recommended at low temperatures. Do not overload the dryer and to avoid creasing, remove the linen as soon as it has finished drying.

Our crushed linen does not need ironing, however, if you wish to iron, the linen should be slightly damp for best results. Steaming however is suitable for our products.

 Sold as a Set of five in a set:

12" X 15" $75.60 (sold as a set of five in a set)

-2 to 4 weeks in lead time for orders.
-$250 minimum order of combined items required
-Pricing includes shipping

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