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Suzan Allen Launches French-Italian LLC on March 8th

For Suzan Allen, the launch of her passion project, French-Italian LLC, has been a long time coming. From a very early age, she had an eye for design. And Allen’s close friends and family nicknamed her ‘the rearranger” because of her uncontrollable urges to rearrange their rooms on a whim. Read More

Suzan Allen: A Woman of Many Talents

In the last few decades, we have experienced a wave of female empowerment, for women to have the same rights as their male counterparts. Read More

Starter Story: Suzan Allen On Building A Business Around Her Passion For Interior Design

My name is Suzan Allen and I am the founder and CEO of French Italian LLC, an online boutique importing French, Italian and French-Italian inspired Portuguese furniture with a mission to bring the quality and craftsmanship of European design stateside in a seamless and first-class shopping experience. These classic European designs will be available to both the general public and interior designers.

Read More

Thrive: Headhunter Does a Full 360 During Pandemic to Follow Interior Design Passion: Suzan Allen’s Journey to Launch French Italian Home Furnishings

Sometimes, when life throws you a curveball, you realize you need a new plan. And when a worldwide pandemic hits, that plan is to come out swinging. That’s precisely what Suzan Allen, founder, and CEO of French Italian Home Furnishings, did. And she’s not looking back. Read More
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