Shipping & White Glove

>Small packages (such as linens) are sent via UPS. And do not include White Glove Service.

>Furniture and larger packages are delivered with our White Glove Service.
>Note - Large Specialty Orders might require additional shipping charges.


Global Shipping
Partner of UPS!

IMPORTANT: Please note you must call us in order for us to customize your shipping and delivery. Call us at 800-300-0959. We want to help, speak to one of our design assistants.

French-Italian Home Furnishings wants your experience to begin with the ordering process and all the way through delivery to your home.

French-Italian Home Furnishings has teamed up with UPS Global Logistic Experts to deliver our White Glove service designed to safely and smoothly ensure your home furnishings are carefully delivered, unpacked, moved to the proper location within your home or office.

Benefits of French-Italian Home Furnishing White Glove Service:

>Your shipment is managed by our White Glove Service from pickup to final inside delivery at your home or office.

>Your home furnishings are handled by our White Glove Service professionals familiar with the valuable home furnishings, helping to ensure your satisfaction with a clean, reliable delivery.

>The French-Italian Home Furnishing offers White Glove Service.

    Call us at (800)-300-0959 to learn more about our White Glove Service.

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    More on UPS Inside Precision

    UPS Inside PrecisionSM
    Logistics takes your white-glove, inside equipment deliveries the final mile.

    Delivering sensitive equipment would be a snap if every customer had a dedicated loading dock and a skilled team on hand to receive, uncrate and place your products as they arrive. In the real world, your shipments are bound for an office or clinic with uneven floors, narrow hallways or tight corners, and a staff dressed in office attire, not coveralls.

    So, what is a supplier to do when simply delivering a crate to the front door may frustrate customers unprepared to handle a large, complex delivery?
    UPS answers that question with UPS Inside Precision, a service designed to safely and smoothly ensure your products are carefully delivered, unpacked, moved to the proper location within your customer’s office and placed. UPS Inside Precision, part of the UPS Express Critical® portfolio, works hand-in-hand with UPS Air Freight and UPS Ocean Freight services for the most efficient and reliable solution to transport your products directly to your customers.

    Benefits of UPS Inside Precision
    With UPS Inside Precision:

    • Your shipments are managed by one company from pickup to final inside delivery at your customer’s facility, when you choose UPS as the designated freight forwarder.
    • Your product is handled by professionals familiar with valuable and sensitive equipment, helping to ensure your customer’s satisfaction with a clean, reliable delivery.
    • You will receive one invoice for transportation, clearance and inside delivery when you choose UPS as your single provider.
    • You can retrieve outdated equipment for recycling, return to manufacturer or disposal.
    • You receive timely updates to let you know when your products have been delivered.

    Equipped to simplify transport

    UPS Inside Precision provides the equipment and expertise to deliver to sites where there are significant challenges in transporting the product from delivery truck to final placement.

    • Van equipment including lift gates, special suspension, stair climbers, floor protection, straps and any other necessary equipment to help ensure your product is delivered safely.
    • Specialized equipment such as cranes and forklifts as required (available with advance notice).
    • Delivery to locations within the U.S. and Canada, including remote locations.
    • De-skidding, de-crating, unpacking, product placement and package disposal.
    • Experienced crews who meet with designated engineers and installers at a scheduled time to ensure a smooth delivery.
    • Communication and coordination of important information in a timely manner.

    UPS Inside Precision is a premier service for high-value and sensitive deliveries, yet compared with the costs of hiring outside delivery and installation personnel, not to mention the added risk of damage to the equipment or facility — it may be one of the best bargains in the transportation industry.